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Blonde Jokes - Joke List

Two brunettes and a blonde...1923
One-Eyed Blonde1527
The Blonde Fox1444
Two Blondes and a Camel1455
Two Blondes and Two Mice1556
Blondes and grenades2008-05-112682
You Might Be A Blonde... Thesaurus1932
Why did the blonde go up on top...1711
Upside Down Blonde1639
One day a blonde went into a department ...1436
Blondes and Airplanes1393
Blonde Trapped on an Isand1538
One day, a blonde left work early to go home ...1387
What did the blonde say after ...1629
There were two blondes at the park...1641
How does a blonde try to kill a fish?1689
Blondes Strike Back1451
There were two blondes at the park...1360
What's blonde, brunette, blonde, brunette...1555
Two blondes are walking down a road...1749
Pickup Truck Full of Blondes1383
Two Blondes on thier Way to Disneyland1573
Pete's Wicked Blonde Ale1431
Two brunettes and a blonde...1499
Soccer Blonde1411


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