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Blonde Jokes - Joke List

Blondes Love Puzzles891
One-Eyed Blonde690
The Blonde Fox664
Two Blondes and a Camel734
Two Blondes and Two Mice792
Who Let The Blondes Out?846
You Might Be A Blonde... Thesaurus1172
Why did the blonde go up on top...983
Blonde Bet1203
A Blonde, the Beach, and...Beer?4331
Blind, Blonde, & Ballsy1280
Blonde Mating Call973
Blondes and Turtles695
Blondes and cow patties762
There were two blondes at the park...852
How does a blonde try to kill a fish?906
Bigfoot and Blonde1133
Blonde & Turtle1651
Blonde and Goldfish961
Blonde and Prawn2521
Blonde Counting Sheep1555
Blonde Horse Sense1095
Blonde Horses2194
Blonde NASA Engineer777
Blonde Test977


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