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Lawyer Jokes - Joke List

What's the difference between a dead lawer ...1129
What happens when a lawyer takes Viagra...1190
What Did A Lawyer Name His ...1249
There was this lawyer who drove his shiny ...1014
The pope and a lawyer are on the elevator...1021
The Hit and Run Case930
The Heart Of The Matter972
The First Profession991
The Devil's Lawsuit968
The Clever Lawyer1011
The Brass Rat1436
Ten Husbands, Still a Virgin992
Take a Lawyer to the Beach!1087
Substituting Rats for Lawyers1270
Skunks and Lawyers1038
Singled-Celled Lawyer1022
Sharks and Lawyers981
Shark Attack1072
Santa, Tooth Fairy, Drunk, Lawyer969
Saddam Hussein in a Foxhole1239
Roosters vs. Lawyers964
Questions Not To Ask In Foreign Lands1012
Q. How many lawyer jokes are there?1016


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