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Lawyer Jokes - Joke List

The Hit and Run Case949
Q. How many lawyer jokes are there?1034
The pope and a lawyer are on the elevator...1040
What's the difference between a dead lawer ...1143
Pops the Question955
A man's logic3827
A Greater Insult4490
A Fashion Sense4286
747 Full of Lawyers4199
A Few Good Lawyers4059
A Lawyer and A Politician3551
An Honest Lawyer3278
What happens when a lawyer takes Viagra...1207
It was so cold today I saw a lawyer with his ...1128
New Improved Lawnmowers995
Improvements in Hell1431
Shark Attack1093
Justice Prevailed1444
Questions Not To Ask In Foreign Lands1033
How many lawyers does it take to change a...1238
A good lawyer knows the law a great lawyer ...4208
What Did A Lawyer Name His ...1267
There was this lawyer who drove his shiny ...1035
A very successful lawyer parked his...4737


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