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Lawyer Jokes - Joke List

Lawyers Aren't The Only Ones To Object712
Marriage Made In Heaven756
Pops the Question760
Pacific Ocean Lawyers762
Lawyer vs. Water Fowl781
Plaster Lawyers784
The Hit and Run Case790
Lawyers and Lightbulbs, Case #2819
Lawyer-Client Relations819
Olllllld Lawyer819
Santa, Tooth Fairy, Drunk, Lawyer821
Oh, Those Darn Lawyers823
Law School for Nuns825
Roosters vs. Lawyers826
The Devil's Lawsuit830
Lawyers and Lightbulbs831
The Heart Of The Matter836
Sharks and Lawyers838
Get Him Off Me Or I'll Sue!838
Lion, Tiger, Lawyer, Elevator839
Lawyer vs. Snake841
Ten Husbands, Still a Virgin843
My Father, The Whorehouse Piano Player846
New Improved Lawnmowers847


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