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Music history according to students1370
Ten Types of Computer Users1557
Forgotten Assembly Language Commands1545
Entertaining UNIX Commands1412
Elephant Jokes3598
Penis Names2148
Computer Lies2839
Funny Foreign Frases3610
Greeting Cards You Will Never See in the Hallmark Store1501
Female Rules1804
List of Things to Do When You Find Someone Left Their Vax/VMS Account Without Logging Out1236
Cool Things to Do in a Shower Stall3387
Normisms -- funny lines from Norm on Cheers1863
Collection of Lame Jokes4280
Eaten Words3119
Famous Books Never Written1867
Nightmare Final Exam Questions1706
Cartoon Laws of Physics3285
I Get No Respect1821
Bart Simpson Chalkboard Sayings4310
Inappropriate Christmas Gift Ideas1612
Collection of Trick Questions4758
Big Busted Women...4579
Differences Between High School and College3510


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