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Political Jokes - Joke List

Germans Love Limbaugh723
Gary Condit's Fowl Behavior724
Osama the Chicken725
OJ's Airport Limo Service727
Politically Speaking727
Top 10 Things You Don't Want Dubya to Say729
Florida Orange Growers731
Government vs. Mafia732
Genie and the Taliban732
Osama's Covered Wagon732
Goverment Wrestling Federation734
Clinton's Safe Sex735
Gary Condit's M.O.735
George W. Drowning738
Osama's New City738
Four Men and Their Dogs738
National Bird740
Some Topical Bobbitt Humor741
Clinton Abortion Bill742
Political Pampers742
Microsoft and a Halter Top742
FedEx UPS Merger743
President Hillary744
Gary Condit's Lifeboat744
Potential & Reality744


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