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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Late Show Top Ten Cool Things About Pitching A Perfect Game2004-05-194602
Late Show Top Ten Signs Your Television Show Won't Be On The Fall Schedule2004-05-182733
Little-Known Words Coined By The Guy Who First Said "Guesstimate"2001-10-124123
Things You Don't Want To Hear On Valentine's Day2006-02-145055
Top Ten (The No Topic Top Ten List)1998-06-162993
Top Ten Accountant Euphemisms For Sex2002-04-096891
Top Ten Accountant Pick-Up Lines1998-04-093548
Top Ten Adult Movies Playing in the New Times Square1998-12-103500
Top Ten Advantages of Being Executed on 'Donahue'1994-06-152664
Top Ten Advantages of Being the Smallest Man on Earth1998-03-262651
Top Ten Agreements Reached at Camp David2000-07-262367
Top Ten Agreements Reached By Yeltsin and Clinton1995-10-242339
Top Ten Air Force General Pick-Up Lines1997-06-092617
Top Ten Al Gore Tenant Pet Peeves2000-06-052471
Top Ten Al Roker Explanations For Why It's So Cold"2004-01-152452
Top Ten Al Roker Recurring Nightmares1999-11-012792
Top Ten Alan Greenspan Euphemisms For Sex2002-07-173457
Top Ten All-Purpose Witty Comebacks2001-10-093930
Top Ten All-Time Classic Movies Playing in Times Square1998-06-172561
Top Ten Alternatives To Impeachment1998-09-162432
Top Ten Anna Nicole Smith Dating Tips1995-08-153248
Top Ten Announcements That Will Make New Yorkers Go Nuts1995-01-162391
Top Ten Announcements That Will Make This Audience Cheer Wildly1996-07-232491
Top Ten Announcements That Will Make This Crowd Cheer Wildly1993-09-102556
Top Ten Announcements That Would Cause A Panic At The Republican National Convention2000-08-023085


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