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True Stories Jokes - Joke List

Yo mama's so dumb...11700
Why did God give women...11362
Charging Elephant9407
Chicken ain't chicken9183
Where's Ice Cube, Eve, and Cedric?9680
Chicken Engineering at Its Finest9044
What do you call an elephant...10899
The bear and the rabbit12627
Thirsty whale12690
None For You9458
Monkeying around12423
Three Strikes Your Out12003
There She Blows12517
Fish Brains9692
Trix are for Kids9150
There she blows9430
The Principal of the Elementary school, went ...9120
What's the difference between a dead lawer ...10927
The Answer9728
Chicken Chat9728
Mad Cows12543
What drug was the duck on...11259
Hot Doggin'9690
Tasties in a Half Shell11792
The chicken was never this clever8818


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