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Blonde Jokes - Joke List

Not Your Typical Chicken Joke8960
Tasties in a Half Shell9132
What drug was the duck on...8606
What do you call a monket...8450
Mad Cows9861
What do you call an elephant...8289
What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo8419
Yo mama and a rat9357
What do you get when you cross a Scottish...8735
My First Time8964
Totally Bats8656
Yo mama's so dumb...9094
It's What's for Dinner8815
There She Blows9841
Monkeying around9481
Jungle Poker9288
Thirsty whale9964
The bear and the rabbit9937
Two nuns from France were coming to New York...8484
It's What's For Dinner8338
Q:What do you do to an elephant with three ...8057
Why did God give women...8763
What's the difference between a dead lawer ...8354
Those Crazy Vermont Folk8372
Three Strikes Your Out9299


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