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Misc Jokes - Joke List

Serenity Under Pressure1939
Monica & The Rest Of Us1942
Things You Don't Want Your Sysadmin To Say1942
Riding in Cars With Boys1943
Three friends die in a ...1943
Three nuns die and go to heaven....1943
Feels Like a Fanny1945
Two Men and A Refrigerator1945
Late AGAIN1946
How do you Catch a Squirrel?1946
Topless Fat Woman1946
The Smartest Dog Ever1946
How To Be Annoying (A Guide)1946
The Origin of Little Debbie1946
Is It Better To Be A Jock Or A Nerd?1946
Saddam Hussein1947
Love At First Sight1947
Rogaine and Viagra1947
I''ve Found Religion! It''s In My Plate.1947
Dickens and the Martini1947
Things Just Fallin' Off1947
Three Strings Walk Into a Bar1947
There was a little girl named Fufu ...1947
Bush's Tragedy1948
There was a young girl who loved to wear ...1948


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