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Sports Jokes - Joke List

Zizou Zidane vs. the world2006-07-1414430
Zidane: Final Fantasy2006-07-1417804
Zidane vs. Castro2006-07-1438581
Zidane vs the Karate Kid2006-07-1417707
Zidane vs Materazzi: Watch your head!2006-07-1417204
Zidane vs Materazzi: The King of Fighters '062006-07-1410390
Zidane vs Materazzi: Mission Failed2006-07-146411
Zidane vs Materazzi: Matterazi's revenge2006-07-1422848
Zidane vs Materazzi: Buried Alive2006-07-143787
Zidane Anime Version2006-07-145062
You Might Be A Redneck...Drunk1791
You Might Be A Redneck...1735
You Might Be A Redneck If... Star Spangled1590
You mama's so stupid... tripped1368
You Bet Your (Sex) Life1336
Yo mama's...Fat1124
Yo Mama's Teeth...1093
Yo Mama's So Stupid... Ladder1127
Yo Mama's So Stupid... Dunkin'1113
Yo mama's so stupid... baseball1057
Yo mama's So Stupid979
Yo mama's so skinny... baseball1007
Yo Mama's So Short... Run997
Yo mama's So Short1070
Yo Mama's So Fat... Practice992


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