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Yo Mama Jokes - Joke List

Yo mamma... fingered2008-05-061710
Yo mama so fat... mount everest2008-03-292576
yo mama is so fat2007-07-082456
your momma is so stupid.......2007-04-141258
Yo mama is so ugly...2007-01-013897
Ur mom is so ...2007-01-014742
yo mama is so dumb2007-01-014104
Yo mama is so stupid...2007-01-014410
Yo mama so poor...2007-01-013621
yo mama so poor2007-01-013704
Yo mama is so stupid...2007-01-013601
Your mama is so slow..2007-01-016292
Yo momma is so black2006-11-282734
Yo Mamas So Fat... at the beach2006-08-131383
Yo Mama So Fat... rainbow2006-08-133154
Yo Mama So Dumb... gone fishing2006-08-133368
yo momma2006-06-301962
Yo mama is so dumb2006-06-154105
Yo mamma so fat... heels2006-06-131684
Yo mama2006-06-023723
Yo mama2006-06-025609
Yo Mama's so fat2006-06-023934
Yo mamma so stupid2006-05-311245
yo mama so dumb....2006-05-293167
Yo mama so old....2006-05-293150


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