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Lists Jokes: Collection of Trick Questions

Collection of Trick Questions

1. How many 3-cent stamps in a dozen?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 12
d. 6

2. You're the pilot of an airplane that travels from New York to
Chicago - a distance of 800 miles. The ai.rplane travels at 200
m.p.h. and makes one stop for 30 minutes. What is the pilot's name?
a. There is information missing.
b. You can't tell from the question.
c. Both a & b.
d. You can tell from the question.

3. Is it legal for a man to marry his widow's sister?
a. Yes.
b. No.
c. Legality has nothing to do with it.
d. It's legal, but unethical.

4. There are ten black and ten white stockings in a drawer. If you
reach into the drawer in the dark, what is the least number of
stockings you must take out before you are sure of a pair that
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

5. A kangaroo is at the bottom of a 30-foot well. Each day he jumps up
three feet and slips back two. At that rate, when will he reach the
a. 27th day
b. 28th day
c. 29th day
d. 30th day

6. A rope ladder is hanging over the side of a ship. The ladder is 12
feet long, and the rungs are one foot apart. The lowest rung is
resting on the top of the ocean. The tide rises at the rate of four
inches per hour. How long will it take before the first four rungs
of the ladder are under water?
a. 36 hours.
b. 2 days.
c. They will never be under water.
d. 1 day.

7. Which would be worth more - a trunk full of nickels or a half a
trunk full of dimes?
a. Dimes.
b. Nickels.
c. Both are the same.
d. None of the above.

8. A child playing on the beach had 6-1/6 sand piles in one place and
3-1/3 in another. If he put them together, how many sand piles would
he have?
a. 10
b. 3-1/3
c. 2-5/6
d. None of the above.

9. It takes 4-1/2 hours for a jet to fly coast to coast. One plane
leaves Los Angeles for New York at 4:40 P.M., while another plane
leave New York for Los Angeles at 6:00 P.M. Which plane will be
closer to New York when they pass each other?
a. The LA bound plane.
b. The NY bound plane.
c. Neither would be closer.
d. None of the above.

10. In the Hope family there are seven sisters and each sister has one
brother. Including Mr. & Mrs. Hope, how many are in the family?
a. 10
b. 16
c. 14
d. None of the above.

11. If the Vice President of the United States should die, who would be
a. The Speaker of the House.
b. The Secretary of State.
c. The President Pro Temp.
d. The President.

12. How many times can you subtract 2 from the numeral 21?
a. 10
b. 10
c. Unlimited
d. None of the above.

13. Would it be cheaper for you to take one friend to the movies twice,
or two friends to the movies at the same time?
a. Two friends at the same time.
b. One friend twice.
c. It would cost the same.
d. The former would be twice as expensive as the latter.

14. On a farm in Malaya is the world's most perfect plum tree. The main
trunk has exactly 24 branches, each branch exactly 12 boughs, each
bough exactly 6 twigs, and each twig bears one piece of fruit. How
many apples on the tree?
a. 42
b. 1126
c. 188
d. None of the above.

15. When you take two apples from three apples, what do you have?
a. 2
b. 1
c. 3
d. None of the above.

16. How close a relative would the sister-in law of your father's only
brother be?
a. Your aunt
b. Your grandmother
c. Your grandfather
d. Your mother

17. A bus starts at the depot with six passengers. It proceeds a few
blocks and stops. Two passengers get off and five get on. It
continues a short distance and stops. Three get off and seven
board. It stars again, continues, and stops and four get off and
four get on. It proceeds on its route, stops, and five get on,
three leave, then two more get on. On the next stop, 14 get on and
no one gets off. How many stops did the bus make?
a. 21
b. 5
c. 23
d. 4

18. Can you throw a golf ball with all your might and, without hitting a
wall or other obstruction, have it stop and come right back to you?
a. You can't
b. You can
c. Only if you can "doctor" the ball
d. None of the above

19. In which book of the Bible do you read about Abel slaying Cain?
a. In Genesis
b. In Deuteronomy
c. In both Genesis and mentioned in Exodus
d. It's not in the Bible

20. Read the following sentence slowly once counting the number of F's.
Final Files Are The Result Of Years
Of Scientific Study With The Experience Of Years.
How many did you find?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 6

21. How many cubic feet of earth are there in a hole 2 yards wide,
3 yards long, and 4 yards deep?
a. 26 yards
b. 72 yards
c. 24 yards
d. None

22. If you drop a steel ball into a bucket of water, at which
temperature would it fall fastest?
a. -50 C
b. 20 F
c. 32 C
d. There would be no difference

23. When somebody says, "I'll break every bone in your body", how many
bones would he have to break?
a. 50
b. 200
c. 500
d. 1000

24. How many punctuation marks are there in English grammar?
a. 5
b. 9
c. 14
d. 18

25. How well do you remember old movies? What character played by Boris
Karloff brought him the greatest success?
a. Frankenstein
b. Dracula
c. A scientist
d. The monster

26. The amount of water flowing into a tank doubles every minute. The
tank is full in an hour. When was the tank half full?
a. 15 minutes
b. 10 minutes
c. 29 minutes
d. 59 minutes

27. There are two 5-gallon containers. One has 4 gallons of red fluid
and the other 4 gallons of blue. One gallon of the blue is poured
into the red container, and then one gallon of the now mixed 4-red
to 1-blue is poured back into the blue container. Is there more
red in the blue or more blue in the red container
a. Twice as much red in the blue
b. Twice as much blue in the red
c. 4/5 as much blue in the red
d. Both will be even

28. You've seen a map of Italy. In which direction does the toe of the
boot face?
a. East
b. West
c. North
d. South

29. By what fractional part does four-fourths exceed three-fourths?
a. 1/4
b. 1/6
c. 1/3
d. 3/8

30. A sophisticated computer is fed this knotty problem.
Between two clocks, one of which is broken and doesn't run at all
while the other looses one second every 24 hours, which is more
a. The slow clock is twice as accurate
b. The broken clock is far more accurate
c. Neither are ever accurate
d. Both are equally accurate

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