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Misc Jokes: 15 ways to be kicked out of wal-marts

15 ways to be kicked out of wal-marts

1. scream loudly to people with curse words

2.first buy something, anything and get the plastic bag. now find thecrafts and buy some string, yarn watevers cheap,tie a peice to the bag. then goto the exercice equitment and say "hey look at me!" and go as fast as you can on the stair stepper isisting that you need a parashout.

3.continously try toget on questionable sites on the internet/ computor displays.

4. go in the toys department pressing every button posible.

5.get in a scissor lift and yell "im watching you"

6.get on the intercom and yell "go satan!"

7.get on the intercom and repeat number 1.

8. beet the tar out of the meats.

9. tell random strangers to "go back in the cave they came from.".

10.when the employees say" how can we help you" yell "wal-mart sucks!".

11. get on the intercom and say"moma get over here, RIGHT NOW!".

12. walk up to random strangers and yell'' he's got a conceled weopon!".

13. get in a shoping kart and nock over every possibal thing.

14. climb on the tree stands and yell" get me down".

15. ask the pait employees for 50 galons of the most time consuming paint mixture avalible and run away.

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