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Religious Jokes: Back from heaven

Back from heaven

A Jew, a Greek and an Irishman were killed in a car accident.

When they got to heaven, being young men, they asked Saint Peter if there was any way for them to come back to earth.

Saint Peter thought for a minute and then said, 'Well, if you each promise to give up one particular thing, I'll grant your request.'
All jumped at the chance. The Jew had to agree to never touch any money, the Irishman had to agree to never touch even a drop of alcohol and the Greek had to agree to never touch another man.

Later, the three of them are walking together down the street when they came to a bar.

The Irishman begins shaking all over. 'Oh boy, could I use a drink,' he says.

The other two try to talk him out of it but he goes into the bar anyway.

He returns with a beer and takes a sip. Suddenly, poof, he disappears.

The Jew and the Greek continue walking. At the next block the Jew spots a 5c piece on the footpath.

He begins shaking and unable to resist, he bends down to pick up the coin.

Suddenly, poof, the Greek disappears.

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