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Medical Jokes - Joke List

I See You!1423
Special Remedy1149
Which End Up?1492
Bad Case of the Stutters2259
Eye Exam1278
2 Weeks to Live6579
Bird it Through the Grapevine1755
Yo mama's so fat...1478
Yo mama's so fat...1483
Why did the city build a graveyard...1427
A 90-year-old man said to his doctor6763
In His Image1445
Yo mama is so nasty...1419
What do you call an abortion in Czechslovakia?1407
Dr. Doctor1190
Things Couldn't Be Nurse1041
A man at a retirement home was walking ...4273
How do you know the Toothbrush was invented...1220
Doctor Demented1595
Milking it1061
Yo mama's so thin she ate a peanut ...1492
Why can't skeletons play music in ...1354
What do puppies and gynecologists...1453
Yo mama's so hairy...1493
What happens when a lawyer takes Viagra...1426


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