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Medical Jokes - Joke List

George and Harry's European Vacation897
Hemophiliac and Virgin964
How Do You Like That?782
HMO Executive829
Why did the city build a graveyard...964
Yo mama's so fat...996
Yo mama's so fat...1033
What happens when a lawyer takes Viagra...986
Yo mama's so hairy...1024
What do puppies and gynecologists...963
Guy With Frog Growing Out of His Head818
What do you call an abortion in Czechslovakia?970
Healthy Virgin1003
In His Image756
God Helps Me Pee817
I Have Some News for You795
Hillbilly Newlyweds968
How do you know the Toothbrush was invented...815
Which End Up?987
I Need Glasses. Do I Ever737
I See You!944
Yo mama is so nasty...958
Quick Visit to the Dentist701
Yo mama's so thin she ate a peanut ...1031


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