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Medical Jokes - Joke List

Three elderly ladies2004-10-312150
Four Worms and a Funeral819
CNN Late Breaking News! It has been ...1340
America has finally captured Saddam ...2929
Really Sick912
Bird it Through the Grapevine1296
Yo mama's so fat...1028
Yo mama's so fat...1064
What happens when a lawyer takes Viagra...1022
Yo mama's so hairy...1058
What do puppies and gynecologists...1000
Why can't skeletons play music in ...975
A lady walks into her doctors office ...4101
Healthy Virgin1033
Juicy Squirt928
2 Weeks to Live5790
Eye Exam838
Bad Case of the Stutters1806
Which End Up?1028
Special Remedy720
I See You!981
Assembly Required2615
Quick Visit to the Dentist733
Closer to God1899


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