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Blonde Jokes - Joke List

Blondes and grenades2008-05-112004
Blondes Bad Day2007-04-041214
Blondes Bad Day2007-02-211263
Parking for blonde women2006-08-0218809
Blonde Paint Job2006-05-182250
10 Blondes and 1 Brunette2006-05-0810730
Blondes and Beer Bottles2006-05-082035
Dumb Blondes Frozen2006-04-091602
Blonde paddaling2006-04-042110
If a Sumo fighter and a blonde jumped...2004-11-236459
How do you kill a blonde?2004-11-154962
What did the blonde say when she walked into the bar?2004-11-154830
How do you get a one-armed blonde out of a tree?2004-11-155010
A blonde goes into a bar2004-11-046991
Blonde panties2004-06-251796
Blind, Blonde, & Ballsy1427
A Blonde, the Beach, and...Beer?4554
Blonde Mating Call1096
One-Eyed Blonde855
Blondes and Turtles815
Blondes and cow patties886
Blonde Test1161
Blonde and Prawn2663
Blonde and Goldfish1100
How does a blonde try to kill a fish?1050


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