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Blonde Jokes - Joke List

Blonde Data2149
Blind, Blonde, & Ballsy2131
Blonde - Two Coats2126
Blonde Destroyer2123
Blonde and Blonder2117
Blonde - Mating Call2111
Blonde Confusion2076
Blonde - Mating Call2074
Blonde Bet2058
Bigfoot and Blonde2056
Blonde Carpenter2053
Blonde with Money2049
Blonde - Drowning2048
Blonde Chainsaw Massacre2045
Blondes Bad Day2007-02-212042
Blonde & Cruise2037
Blonde Cattle Ranchers2033
You Might Be A Blonde... Thesaurus2021
Blonde Grenadier2015
Two brunettes and a blonde...2013
Blonde Diet1999
Blonde - Detectives1992
Blonde Fish Killer1987
Blonde Horses1978
Blonde Gets Job1952


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