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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Yankee Excuses1997-10-071008
Top Ten Worst Summer Jobs2003-06-181032
Top Ten Worst Names For A Seafood Restaurant2002-08-021093
Top Ten Worst Jobs in the U.S.1995-04-20925
Top Ten Worst Jobs in the U.S.1996-03-13857
Top Ten Worst Jobs2000-08-31910
Top Ten Words You're Most Likely to Hear in Monica Lewinsky's Testimony1998-08-06806
Top Ten Words You're Most Likely To Hear in Monica Lewinsky's Testimony1998-10-15863
Top Ten Words You Won't Find In The New Webster's Dictionary1998-06-12856
Top Ten Words You Don't Want To See In Your Restaurant Review1998-11-10819
Top Ten Words That Sound Romantic When Spoken By Barry White2000-02-108558
Top Ten Words That Sound Great When Spoken by James Earl Jones1994-01-056225
Top Ten Words That Sound Cool When Sung By An Opera Singer1995-10-18905
Top Ten Words That Sound Cool When Spoken By London's Town Crier1995-05-161096
Top Ten Words That Kind Of Rhyme With Elway1999-02-01919
Top Ten Words2001-10-041093
Top Ten William Rehnquist Pickup Lines1999-01-07950
Top Ten White House Jobs That Sound Dirty1998-01-26887
Top Ten White House Christmas Traditions1993-12-13878
Top Ten What Dumb Guys Think 'Y2K' Is1999-02-09887
Top Ten Weird Looking Dogs from the 119th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
(accompanied by photos of dogs)
Top Ten Weathermen Or Ice Cream Flavor Names1999-09-17862
Top Ten Ways, I, David Letterman, Will Be Celebrating My 50th Birthday1997-04-111776
Top Ten Ways You Can Tell Your Pilot is on Drugs1997-01-30854
Top Ten Ways Y2K Will Affect Disney World1999-02-25877


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