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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Signs You're Watching a Bad Gladiator Movie2000-05-08445
Top Ten Signs You've Chosen a Bad College1997-06-05445
Top Ten Little Known Provisions in President Clinton's Crime Bill1994-08-17445
Top Ten Pieces Of Advice I Gave My Celebrity Child2004-05-07445
Top Ten Other Disney World Attractions Being Closed for Renovations1997-01-10445
Top Ten Signs You Won't Be Nominated for a Grammy1998-01-06445
Top Ten President Clinton Summer Fun Tips1997-06-12445
Top Ten New Tourist Slogans For New York1998-03-02445
Top Ten Numbers From One To Ten2000-02-09445
Top Ten Santa Pick-Up Lines1997-03-14445
Top Ten Signs You Won't Be Winning the U.S. Open1997-09-02445
Top Ten Signs President Clinton is Angry1996-01-10445
Top Ten Signs There's Tension In The Clinton Marriage1998-12-15445
Top Ten Other Great Things About Being Married to the Ketchup King1996-04-26445
Top Ten Signs the Guy Hijacking Your Plane Has Never Hijacked Before1994-11-03445
Top Ten Signs No One Wants To Be Your Valentine1997-03-13445
Top Ten Things Bob Dole Could Do to Lose the Republican Nomination1996-03-28445
Top Ten Rejected Major League Baseball Expansion Teams1998-03-31445
Top Ten Signs The O.J. Trial Is Almost Over1995-09-21445
Top Ten Signs You Have a Bad Apartment1997-05-20445
Top Ten Things Overheard At The White House Press Dinner1995-05-01445
Top Ten Signs You're Dating A Loser1996-02-14445
Top Ten Questions On The George W. Bush Application For Running Mate2000-03-30446
Top Ten Surprising Facts About Rich Beem2002-08-19446
Top Ten Perks Of Being Osama Bin Laden's Son2002-07-30446


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