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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Santa Pick-Up Lines1994-11-29493
Top Ten Signs You're Not Going to Win the N.Y.C. Marathon1994-11-04493
Top Ten Reasons Tom and Roseanne are Getting Back Together1994-04-22493
Top Ten Reasons Roseanne Will Make a Good Mother1994-12-13493
Top Ten Items on the Westinghouse To Do List1995-08-08493
Top Ten Questions I've Always Wanted to Ask the President1996-11-08493
Top Ten Signs You Work in a Bad Office1997-09-25494
Top Ten Ways New Yorkers are Celebrating The Yankees' World Series Victory1996-10-28494
Top Ten Stores Not Doing Well This Holiday Season1996-01-16494
Top Ten Signs Madonna Is Settling Down2000-03-21494
Top Ten Surprises In The Packwood Diaries1995-09-08494
Top Ten Ways Bob Dole Celebrated His Iowa Victory1996-02-13494
Top Ten Other Ways President Clinton Has Insulted Newt Gingrich1995-11-16494
Top Ten Things That Cool When Sung by a Barber Shop Quartet1996-09-20494
Top Ten Reasons Anna Nicole Smith is Bankrupt1996-01-31494
Top Ten Ways President Clinton Can Sabotage the Republican Convention1996-08-13494
Top Ten Reasons Your Production Was Not Nominated For A Tony Award2002-05-07494
Top Ten Reasons 'E.R.' Might Be Moving to CBS1997-11-04494
Top Ten Things O.J. Was Writing On His Notepad1995-09-27494
Top Ten Least Popular Theme Restaurants2001-09-19494
Top Ten Signs Your Wrestling Coach Is Nuts1996-02-01494
Top Ten Signs You're Not Going to Win a Nobel Prize1995-10-11494
Top Ten Lessons I Learned In College2001-05-18494
Top Ten New McDonald's Menu Items for Adults1996-05-15494
Top Ten Signs of Trouble in Santa Claus's Marriage1996-12-12494


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