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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Surprises in the Clinton's Old Tax Returns1994-04-06434
Top Ten Things George Washington Would Say If He Were Alive Today1994-07-01434
Top Ten Pet Peeves of the World's Wealthiest Man1994-07-07434
Top Ten Rejected Methods of Execution in N.Y. State1995-03-08434
Top Ten Shocking Revelations In Clinton's New Biography1995-02-07434
Top Ten Surprises in Clinton's Whitewater Testimony1995-04-24434
Top Ten Signs There's Something Wrong At The Gap2001-04-10435
Top Ten Signs You've Been Kidnapped by a Dumb Guy1996-11-13435
Top Ten Surprises in Air Force One1998-08-18435
Top Ten Signs You've Hired A Bad Department Store Santa1997-12-10435
Top Ten Surprises in the Final Episode of Seinfeld1998-05-13435
Top Ten Halloween Movies Playing in Times Square1996-10-31435
Top Ten Things I, Dave, Love About America1998-07-03435
Top Ten Reasons Bob Dole Should Be Elected President of the United States1996-10-11435
Top Ten Signs Your Kid is Spending Way Too Much Time On His Computer1997-04-23435
Top Ten Paula Jones' Lawyers Excuses1998-04-02435
Top Ten Real Reasons John Kerry Is Running For President2004-06-15435
Top Ten Least Beloved Holiday TV Specials1998-12-11435
Top Ten Reasons Yasir Arafat Will Make A Good Father1996-05-29435
Top Ten Things Dave's Kitty Would Say If It Could Talk1998-06-26435
Top Ten Ways Bob Dole is Preparing for the Republican Convention1996-08-07435
Top Ten Questions George W. Bush Asked President Clinton2000-12-20435
Top Ten Pet Peeves of the World's Wealthiest Man1996-08-26435
Top Ten Ways France Is Celebrating Their World Cup Of Victory1998-07-13435
Top Ten Things The Pope Likes About New York1996-10-15435


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