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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Things Overheard at the Country Music Association Awards1996-10-03485
Top Ten Ways Country Would Be Different if a College Student Were Preside1997-09-26485
Top Ten Reasons I Don't Want To Leave San Francisco2000-01-24485
Top Ten Signs Arnold Schwarzenegger is Getting Older1996-06-21485
Top Ten Signs Boris Yeltsin Has Gone Nuts1996-06-13485
Top Ten Last Lines For David Hasselhoff's Character on Baywatch2000-02-28485
Top Ten Things This Guy Wishes He Were Doing Instead of Sitting Here1999-04-29485
Top Ten Signs Disney is Taking Over New York City1997-06-20485
Top Ten Election Issues Important To Dumb Guys2000-10-16485
Top Ten Things A Department Store Santa Doesn't Want To Hear From A Kid1999-12-22485
Top Ten Good Things About A Baseball Strike2002-07-31485
Top Ten Signs Your Mother is Nuts1997-05-08485
Top Ten Surprises in Air Force One1998-08-18485
Top Ten Ways New York City Cops Are Being More Courteous1996-06-27485
Top Ten Surprising Findings from President Clinton's Physical1997-10-06485
Top Ten Reasons Dumb Guys Think We Turn The Clocks Ahead2002-04-08485
Top Ten Other Things To Say When Stepping On The Moon1998-07-30485
Top Ten Signs The Ringling Brothers Circus Has Gone Downhill1997-04-02485
Top Ten Lance Bass Excuses For Not Going Into Space2002-09-04485
Top Ten Signs You Won't Be Winning The U.S. Open2000-08-29485
Top Ten Things Overheard During Clinton's Visit to Australia1996-11-21485
Top Ten Manny's Number Ratings1996-05-17485
Top Ten Signs You're at a Bad New Year's Eve Party1996-12-31485
Top Ten Things Overheard During `Celebrity Jeopardy'1997-04-28485
Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear From Your Little League Umpire1999-07-01485


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