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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Things O.J. Simpson Had To Take Care Of Today1995-10-04516
Top Ten Things To Do In New York During A Blizzard1996-03-08516
Top Ten Real Reasons Colin Powell Isn't Running1995-11-09516
Top Ten Signs You're Too Old To Be Trick-Or-Treating2002-09-30516
Top Ten President Clinton's Recurring Nightmares1997-03-24516
Top Ten Lisa Marie's Complaints about Michael Jackson1994-12-02516
Top Ten Least Effective Opening Lines For Telemarketers2001-11-15517
Top Ten Least Popular Attractions at the Baseball Hall of Fame1997-08-04517
Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear From a Cab Driver2000-02-15517
Top Ten Signs President Bush Needs A Vacation2002-07-29517
Top Ten Sailor Complaints About New York City1998-05-26517
Top Ten Signs Your Baseball Team Is On Drugs2002-09-27517
Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Elizabeth Dole1999-01-05517
Top Ten Things That Will Get You Thrown Out Of The Taliban2001-11-07517
Top Ten Signs Your Kids Hate You2000-06-16517
Top Ten Least Popular Halloween Candies1998-10-27517
Top Ten Fun Things To Do In A Jet2002-04-12517
Top Ten Least Valuable Sports Memorabilia1999-01-12517
Top Ten Ways New York City Cops Are Being More Courteous1997-09-16517
Top Ten Signs You're in Love With Janet Reno1997-10-03517
Top Ten Signs You're Watching A Cheap Horror Movie1999-08-02517
Top Ten Other Great Things About Being Married to the Ketchup King1997-08-12517
Top Ten Reasons I Love My Job2002-05-02517
Top Ten Science Papers That Won't Be Winning A Nobel Prize1999-10-12517
Top Ten Signs I, Dave, Am Getting Old2000-04-12517


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