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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Reasons We're Glad to Be Back in New York1996-05-13455
Top Ten Signs The 107-Year-Old Twins Are Starting To Get On Each Other's Nerves1999-08-03456
Top Ten Signs You're Watching a Bad Disney Movie1999-03-16456
Top Ten Other Cities' New Slogans1996-03-14456
Top Ten Signs There's Something Wrong At The Gap2001-04-10456
Top Ten Highlights of Hillary Clinton's Grand Jury Appearance1996-01-26456
Top Ten Real Reasons Colin Powell Isn't Running1996-04-15456
Top Ten Surprises in Clinton's State of the Union Address1996-01-23456
Top Ten Signs the Manager of Your Local Gap Has Gone Nuts1996-08-28456
Top Ten People Least Likely to Break Roger Maris' Home Run Record1998-09-03456
Top Ten Reasons Bryant Gumbel Is Leaving The 'Today Show'1996-01-05456
Top Ten Ways Bob Dole Can Get Ross Perot to Drop Out of the Election1996-10-24456
Top Ten Signs Your Television Series is Going to be Cancelled1996-04-24456
Top Ten Signs Your Mailman Has Been Working Much Too Hard1996-12-16456
Top Ten Ways Bob Dole Celebrated the Fourth of July1996-07-05456
Top Ten President Clinton's Holiday Fun Tips1996-12-13456
Top Ten Least Popular Things to Shout Before Jumping Out of an Airplane1996-08-09456
Top Ten O.J. Defense Team Excuses1997-02-05456
Top Ten Thanksgiving Movies Playing in Times Square1996-11-28456
Top Ten Things Elvis Would Say if He Came Back Today1996-08-16456
Top Ten Signs You're Having a Bad Holiday Season1998-12-18456
Top Ten Ways Hillary Clinton Could Improve Her Image1996-06-19456
Top Ten Signs You're Vacationing at a Bad Resort1996-07-15456
Top Ten Things Dumb Guys Think La Vida Loca Is1999-06-09456
Top Ten Signs George W. Bush Is Getting Cocky2000-10-30456


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