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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Revelations in the Heaven's Gate Diaries1997-04-07499
Top Ten Signs You Should Drop Out of the Race1996-03-06499
Top Ten Signs of Trouble in Santa Claus's Marriage1996-12-12499
Top Ten Things That Will Get You Suspended by Major League Baseball1997-06-06499
Top Ten Things That Will Get You Kicked Out Of The Miss America Pageant1995-09-15499
Top Ten Reasons Anna Nicole Smith is Bankrupt1996-01-31499
Top Ten Signs Your Accountant Is Nuts1996-04-10499
Top Ten Pet Peeves Of U.S. Military Personnel1995-12-22499
Top Ten Reasons We're Glad to Be Back in New York1996-05-13499
Top Ten Ways Bill Clinton Could Lose His Lead in the Polls1996-05-03499
Top Ten Least Popular Breakfast Cereals1995-03-21499
Top Ten Other Problems At Hooters1995-11-17499
Top Ten Highlights of Hillary Clinton's Grand Jury Appearance1996-01-26499
Top Ten Lines You'll Never Hear Me, Mel Gibson, Say in a Movie1996-11-03499
Top Ten New Items from the Kathie Lee Gifford Product Line1996-06-06499
Top Ten New Slogans for New York City1995-03-14499
Top Ten Things Millionaire Steve Forbes Will Do If He's Elected President1996-01-29499
Top Ten Things Overheard at the World Conference for Women1995-09-05499
Top Ten Rejected Names For The New Show1995-08-31499
Top Ten Last Minute Bob Dole Promises1996-11-04499
Top Ten Things That Would Be Different if Clinton Had Been Our First President1997-02-17499
Top Ten Signs Your New Job Isn't Working Out1995-08-30499
Top Ten Things The Pope Likes About New York1995-10-06499
Top Ten Things O.J. Was Writing On His Notepad1995-09-27499
Top Ten Ways Country Would Be Different if a College Student Were Preside1997-09-26499


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