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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Signs You're Not Going to Win a Nobel Prize1994-10-11477
Top Ten Least Popular Snacks Sold At The World Series1995-10-25477
Top Ten Ways Bill Clinton Could Lose His Lead in the Polls1996-05-03477
Top Ten Signs the Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Marriage is in Trouble1994-11-14477
Top Ten Signs You're Too Old to Be Trick or Treating1997-10-31477
Top Ten Other Signs George Bush Is Nuts1997-03-26477
Top Ten Signs You've Got it Easy in Jail1994-12-27477
Top Ten Signs You're Not Going to Win a Nobel Prize1996-08-29477
Top Ten Things Overheard At The White House Press Dinner1995-05-01477
Top Ten Other Theme Restaurants Coming to 57th Street1995-06-08477
Top Ten Ways Columbus' Crew Passed Time On Their Two-Month Voyage2000-01-20477
Top Ten Reasons Bob Dole Should Be Elected President of the United States1996-10-11477
Top Ten Mario Cuomo Excuses1994-11-09477
Top Ten Things George Washington Would Say If He Were Alive Today1994-07-01477
Top Ten Things That Will Get You Kicked Out of the Miss Teen USA Pageant1997-08-20477
Top Ten Questions Dumb Guys Would Ask The First Lady2000-01-12477
Top Ten Surprises in the Presidential Address1994-12-15477
Top Ten Killer Bee Pet Peeves1994-09-14477
Top Ten Things Overheard at the Republican Weekend1996-01-15477
Top Ten Signs You're at a Bad New Year's Eve Party1994-12-20477
Top Ten Things The Chinese Have Learned By Examining Our Spy Plane2001-04-11477
Top Ten Indiana Pacer Excuses2000-06-20478
Top Ten Signs You've Rented A Bad Summer House2000-05-26478
Top Ten Surprises In Falcone2000-04-05478
Top Ten Mike Tyson Excuses2002-06-10478


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