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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Things We Like About CBS1993-08-31852
Top Ten Signs Your New Job Isn't Working Out1993-09-01851
Top Ten Rejected Names For the New Show1993-09-02771
Top Ten Numbers From One To Ten1993-09-03738
Top Ten NASA Excuses for Losing the Mars Space Probe1993-09-061696
Top Ten Bad Things About Living Longer1993-09-071220
Top Ten Signs You Have a Bad Airline Pilot1993-09-08986
Top Ten Signs Clinton Is Well Rested1993-09-09765
Top Ten Announcements That Will Make This Crowd Cheer Wildly1993-09-102155
Top Ten New Campbell Soup Slogans1993-09-131798
Top Ten Things Overheard at the White House Yesterday1993-09-14736
Top Ten Rejected 60 Minutes Stories1993-09-15776
Top Ten Ways to Make Arafat Angry1993-09-16819
Top Ten Highlights of Clinton's Health-Care Plan1993-09-17736
Top Ten Reasons to Watch CBS This Fall1993-09-20779
Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor Is a Talk Show Host1993-09-21857
Top Ten Signs You've Lost Control of Your Country1993-09-22716
Top Ten New York Mets Excuses1993-09-23757
Top Ten Hillary Clinton's Tips for Making Your Man Happy1993-09-24728
Top Ten Signs You've Come to the Show on a Bad Night1993-09-27744
Top Ten Complaints of the Biospherians1993-09-28786
Top Ten Questions Congress Asked Hillary Clinton1993-09-29788
Top Ten Signs You Have No Friends1993-09-304344
Top Ten Signs You're on a Bad Date1993-10-01994
Top Ten Rejected Freedom Airlines Slogans1993-10-041028


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