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Top Ten Jokes - Joke List

Top Ten Announcements You're Most Likely To Hear At Woodstock1999-07-23825
Top Ten Answers To The Question, "How Cold Is It?"2003-01-21952
Top Ten Answers To The Question, "How Hot Is It In New York"2005-07-261169
Top Ten Answers To The Question, "How Hot Is It?"2006-07-171518
Top Ten Answers To The Question, "How Tough Are The Marines?"2002-06-071009
Top Ten Answers To The Question, 'How Boring Was George W. Bush's Speech?'2001-02-28889
Top Ten April Fool's Pranks In Afghanistan2002-04-011000
Top Ten Army Reservist Pet Peeves2003-01-241880
Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger Campaign Promises2003-08-071008
Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger Debate Conditions2003-09-04861
Top Ten Articles In Oprah's New Magazine2000-04-10875
Top Ten Astronaut Pick-Up Lines1995-06-305338
Top Ten Attractions At The New Michael Jackson Theme Park1998-07-141134
Top Ten Audience Driver's License Photos1997-02-04836
Top Ten Australian Pickup Lines2000-09-291354
Top Ten Awards Won By Me, Dave Letterman1999-02-18943
Top Ten Bad Things About Being Named Martha Stewart presented by Martha Stewart from Montclair, New Jersey2004-10-18967
Top Ten Bad Things About Having A Summer Time Share With Darth Vader1999-05-12738
Top Ten Bad Things About Living Longer1993-09-071267
Top Ten Bad Things About Winning $70 Million1994-10-281121
Top Ten Bad Titles For College Application Essays2000-04-03932
Top Ten Bald Guys Pickup Lines2003-09-262749
Top Ten Barry Switzer Excuses1997-08-07842
Top Ten Baseball Euphemisms For Sex2001-09-202232
Top Ten Baseball Movies Playing In Times Square2000-10-20868


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